Protecting Future Generations of Children

All of humanity emerges from the womb. Science has proven that trauma is genetically inherited, even passed down as far as three generations.* When a woman has experienced trauma, the survival instincts that she develops as a coping mechanism to ensure her safety, is then passed onto her children, and her children’s children. Internalized trauma can result in a lack of trust in one’s self, in other men, in other women, and in community. We have been birthing a world without trust. A world without trust is established on fear and separation.

Breaking boundaries, lying…

Why to create community, what kind of community and how to ensure success.

  1. Intention
  2. Understanding the Movement
  3. Failure Analysis
  4. Community vs. Smart Cities
  5. Expanding the Vision
  6. Listening to the Land

1. Intention

Dear Reader,

The purpose of this document is to begin understanding phases of community development, understand what it is to self initiate in a prototype of paradise, and to consider our ability to scale and create ripple impact. The information presented in 2,3, and 4 are inspired by a call in October 2020 between Daniel Schmachtenberger, another private party and myself, which includes personal insights and external references. If inspired, add notes and comments as this is a growing and collaborative document.


Controversial: Male circumcision and the emotional and mental repercussions. Bringing awareness to an outdated procedure that perpetrates unnecessary violence.

It’s been great making a new friend and sharing an ocean view home with a shamanic teacher this past week. We peacefully respect one another’s spaciousness and share overlapping experiences and knowledge in science, spirituality and healing. This morning over a cup of cacao he brought up his insights on the trauma of male circumcision, and less than an hour later a dear sister on mainland called me and she began the conversation with the very same topic. …

For she is the portal of possibility. It is she who births and bleeds with cycles of the moon. We are magic embodied and robed in flesh, hair and wind.

Deep in the body is the song of the earth. Her roots wind strong as our bones, her rivers run like our veins, her trees branch like our lungs, her sky clear as our eyes. We are the holders of time. Of ancient civilizations lost to the hands of tyrannical reign that would hoard and hide the strength, diminish our pride, until we sank.

Sank below the waters edge, but they didn’t know that we could swim. That we could sing. That we could breathe whole, a body of gills. Now is the time of the resurrection, of the reawakening…

Marly Benedicto

Marly is an empowerment coach and an activation artist. She lives in Hawaii, Austin and San Miguel de Allende. Discover more on instagram at @marlybenedicto

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